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Rite Way Driving School Ottawa Homework Help


For more than six decades, Canadians have trusted CAA for their driver training needs. Whether you’re just starting out on the road or simply looking to improve your skill, our informative courses can help. The MTO-Approved CAA How To Drive Beginner Driver Education Course Curriculum is only offered at CAA Approved Driving School locations. This curriculum is even endorsed by Parent Tested, Parent Approved!

CAA Courses

CAA Approved Driving School Network

CAA's Approved Driving School Network program identifies the best driver training schools in the Province. Schools undergo a rigorous approval process and instruct their novice students using the MTO-approved CAA How to Drive Curriculum.

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CAA's New DriveRight Website

Spark the conversation about responsible, safe driving with DriveRight. As a comprehensive guide for new drivers and their parents, DriveRight features useful reminders, tips, questions and do’s and don’ts that parents and new drivers can refer to throughout the learning-to-drive process.

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Rules of the Road

Whether you're a new driver or you've been driving for decades, it's always good practice to review the rules of the road.

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Graduates of the MTO-approved CAA How To Drive beginners' course receive a FREE CAA Basic membership for 12 months.

Mature Drivers

CAA has created a toolkit for mature drivers, which will help them to stay safe on the road.

Road Safety

Treat road safety with respect by ensuring we all know the rules of the road and help others do the same.

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