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Pe Courseworks

After submitting marks online you should print out a copy of the marks for the moderator and a copy for your own records.

Where is the Edexcel Online link?

Links can be found on the Edexcel website.

Access Edexcel Online

If you need to be set up with an Edexcel Online account please ask your exams officer.

If you’ve forgotten your Edexcel Online password you can generate a new one.

Get new password

What happens if I make an error when submitting controlled assessment marks?

If you have already submitted a mark but it needs to be amended (eg because of an administrative error), please email courseworkmarks@pearson.com with details of the student and amended point score.

What is the deadline for submitting controlled assessment marks?

The final date for submitting GCSE PE controlled assessment marks/GCE PE coursework marks for the summer 2017 series is 15 May 2017.

This is the date by which you must have submitted your controlled assessment/coursework marks to us via Edexcel Online. Please note that your Exams Officer will have their own internal deadlines.

Where a centre has been affected by circumstances beyond its control, it may, in exceptional cases, be possible for us to grant a short extension. Requests must be sent to the PE assessment team at physicaleducation@pearson.com.

GCSE PE – applying for special consideration

As the moderation window is coming to the end, I know that sometimes candidates are injured or ill at the time of moderation and teachers often are unaware as to what to do.

If you have candidate who is injured/ill for the moderation visit but you think could be better/fit by 5 May then, if it is appropriate for you and the candidate, you can assess the candidate after the moderation day but before 5 May – (Pearson must receive all paperwork by 15 May).  You must liaise with your moderator and advise him/her of the situation and discuss when the assessment for the individual candidate will take place and the moderator may request that you send evidence of the assessment (e.g. video).  If you assess the injured/ill candidate in activities at a different date to the moderation day (but before 5 May), the marks that you award to the candidate (provided you have assessed the candidate in 2 activities- short course or 4 activities - full course) should then be submitted on the PE2MS and OPTEMS form and you do not need to request special consideration.  

If you are unable to assess the candidate (on the day or during the window) you will need to apply for special consideration. You must complete the specific PE form (Form 10 PE):

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