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Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay

The pros and cons of illegal migration

Illegal immigration is a sensitive matter that needs considerable attention and discussion to many countries especially those that are economically stable. Immigration is an action of moving to another country where one was not a prior citizen by birth then using that country as a place of permanent dwelling. There are some reasons which justify and condemn illegal immigration which I will endeavor to discuss below.

The pros of illegal migration

Firstly, there are overall benefits to the citizens of the country such that the employers will be able to hire workforce at a lower wage rate hence easily manipulating the illegal immigrants which they could not be able to do in the case of the citizens of the home country. People can easily outsource for manual help in doing tasks which they may be unwilling to carry out themselves from the illegal immigrants at a cheaper cost than when seeking help from a professional who is registered as a legal citizen of the country.

Secondly, illegal immigrants have the mindset to work their way up so that they may be able to improve their individual lives as well as their families’ back in their home country. As such, it is excusable to allow them as long as they do not commit other crimes in the process since anyone undergoing financial difficulties would consider relocating to another country with more opportunities for living a comfortable life and improving the lives of close family members as well.

Furthermore, in conducting the search of illegal immigrants and deportation to their home countries may discriminate against other legal residents of the country. As such, law enforcers might question civilians based on prejudice only because they have a foreign accent hence concluding that they are illegal immigrants. The notion is bias since being a legal immigrant in a country does not necessarily imply that one should not have a different cultural background as expressed in the manner of speech, dress on demeanor.

The cons for illegal migration

On the flip side, illegal immigrants tend to take most of available job opportunities in the job market leaving some citizens unemployed. As such, their willingness to work at lower wage rates is the main reason for unemployment of the citizens of the same country. The employers are held responsible by the government to pay the minimum wage to the citizens of the country, but when the opportunity appears to lower it when they employ illegal immigrants; they take it as a way of reducing their operation cost and maximizing their profits as well.

Additionally, illegal immigrants also tend to commit other crimes as they are not aware of the other prevailing laws of the country which they seek residence. Since they enter the country illegally, they may be motivated to conduct crime related activities such as drug and narcotic trafficking across the border. These offenses are met with an equal force of the law which might also escalate to acts of terror meant to intimidate law enforcement and the citizens of the country.

Lastly, as illegal immigrants continue to cross the borders, the result is a population influx making the established systems unable to handle comfortably the emergencies as well as a quick depletion of the available resources due to the unexpected competition. In the meantime, there grows resentment and overall frustration of the citizens of the country who feel aggrieved since they pay taxes yet cannot access the much needed public services.

Describing a Larger Conversation (2-4 pages). Write a paper that explains various perspectives an issue, addressing at least three different sources (published texts, interviews, etc.) and no more than five sources. Rather than presenting the issue as having two sides (those for or against something), explain more than two points of view, showing the complexity of the issue. At some point in the paper, take your own stand, but the majority of the paper should explain the larger conversation surrounding the issue.

Vincent Federico

HUM 101 010

Argumentative Essay


Immigration has been a major issue in the United States, especially illegal immigration. Immigration can be defined as the act of immigrating, which means to move to another country where you were not born in, or which you are not a native of, and use this new country as a permanent residence.

There are many reasons why someone would want to immigrate to another country. One reason would be religious freedom. Another one, and a main one, would be opportunity. In the United States, millions of jobs are offered to anyone. Those from other countries believe that moving to America, will in return, provide them with a job. Next on the list of reasons would be survival. Back in the 17th century, many foreigners would immigrate to the United States in order to find food and resources to survive. Last would be political freedom. That is self-explanatory.

There are different ways to look at immigration. There are a lot of people against immigration for various reasons. One main one would be coming here illegally and taking the jobs of the citizens already here. Also, immigration can lead to people bringing their own religion and forcing those around them to abide to it. Last, the country is overpopulated, not like China, but it growing every day and having more illegal immigrants come into our country, will just make the matter worse. This is why people are against immigration.

Some people are actually for immigration. The main reason for this would probably be family. If you and your family are separated, and immigrating them to your country will turn both of your lives around, then it’s a plus. Also, immigrants that come here can be legal. People believe that if you can come to America, and pass our tests and gain citizenship, they are welcomed here more than illegal ones. This is why some people are for immigration.

Last, there are people who don’t care at all. People that have jobs, and never really watch the news, wouldn’t even have this problem pass through their heads. As long as nobody is changing their religion, taking their jobs, or basically doing anything to mess up an average Americans daily life, then they are not going to care.

I personally believe immigration is only bad if it is illegal. I think that if you can pass our citizens test, you deserve to be here. If you come here illegally then you need to get out. Those here illegally don’t deserve our jobs, food, or anything else in our country. This is what I believe is the best.

In conclusion, immigration is in a lot of people’s minds. The thought of it being bad or being good can cause discussion. The United States has tried hard to decrease immigration and create border control, but it still happens. No matter what you think in the end, it won’t help stop what is actually going on.

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