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Is College Necessary To Be Successful Essay Contests

When you’re facing thousands of dollars in tuition costs and potential loan debt, it’s only natural to wonder if a college degree is worth it. The short answer is that it’s complicated. It’s difficult to provide mathematical proof that investing in a college education will provide real-dollar value throughout your life since there are many other factors at play. For instance, the type of career you want to pursue, how much you ultimately pay for college and where you live post-graduation can all play a role in the value of your degree.

For some students, traditional college may not be the best choice if you want to work in a trade like plumbing or construction. However, that doesn’t mean your classroom days are over. If you ultimately decide not to pursue a bachelor’s degree, it’s still in your best interest to learn marketable skills through a vocational training program or a career school education.

That being said, attending college is usually a smart decision for students. In fact, for the most lucrative career paths, a college degree is usually a minimum requirement just to get a job. Here are some reasons why a college degree is not only necessary, but worth the expense.

A degree can boost your income, and improve your resume

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning potential and educational attainment are directly related. For instance, bachelor’s degree holders over age 25 earned an average of $1,137 per week in 2015 versus those who completed only high school and earned $678 per week. Degree credentials open up more doors to jobs that pay higher wages. Even for positions that don’t necessarily require college, having a degree is likely to put you at an advantage over a fellow qualified job seeker who did not finish college.

College can be a life-changing experience

By broadening your perspective and learning about a variety of subjects, you can discover a career path that interests and suits you, rather than building experience in an industry that may not interest you down the road. What’s more is that having a degree will allow for more career flexibility if you’re not exactly sure what you’d like to pursue right away. Plus, college provides the chance to meet knowledgeable professors and students, take on a leadership role within a group or team and develop skills you’ll take with you throughout life. You may even get to study abroad, meet industry leaders or score a great internship with your dream company.

It might be a career prerequisite

Many professional careers today require at least a bachelor’s degree to get started, and some want graduate-level education. For instance, if you’d like to become a teacher, doctor, lawyer or accountant, be prepared to spend more than four years in college. Of course, you’re not just earning a degree for its own sake. When you’re on a professional track, you’ll need a strong knowledge base, critical thinking skills and industry-specific know-how to thrive — all of which a college degree will afford you.

It might not be as expensive as you think

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a school that is more affordable. Don’t overlook community colleges and state universities, which offer a quality education for what’s typically a lower price tag than that of private institutions. Also, be sure to apply for financial aid and look for scholarships to help offset the cost. Value is all about getting the most bang for your educational buck, and minimizing the cost is one way to do that.

Some majors have a proven record of strong ROI

Try the Discover Student Loans Major ROI tool to determine how your college costs may stack up against your potential income. For example, if you are studying engineering where the starting salaries approach six figures, you can better justify choosing a more expensive institution. Also, if you’re on a track that includes graduate school, remember that you have more years of educational costs ahead of you.

Instead of thinking of college in terms of dollars and cents, think of it as a huge investment in yourself and your future. The more hard work and effort you put into your schooling, the more value you’ll get from your degree because it will leave you well positioned for career fulfillment and success.

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OPEN TO: Students in grades 7 – 12 who are sponsored by a Fleet Reserve Association member branch or unit.  (The Fleet Reserve Association is open to all current and former enlisted members of the Navy Marine Corps and Coast Guard.)
DEADLINE: December 1
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WORD COUNT: 350 words
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CURRENT TOPIC:  Varies by year. This year’s topic asks if you were a foreign service diplomat how would you improve the relations between the U.S. and your country of choice?
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OPEN TO: Anyone in grades 9 – 12
DEADLINE: April 15
TYPE: Essay
CURRENT TOPIC: Why is it vital to remember the Holocaust and share its lessons with the next generation? What can young people do to combat and prevent prejudice?
To learn more: http://holocaust.hklaw.com/

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