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Cover Letter Examples Geophysics Software

When you are searching for a job, one of the most effective ways to entice a hiring manager or recruiter is by having a strong cover letter. Writing an informative, interesting cover letter can demonstrate your communication skills and signify that you would be a benefit to their company. Read over our software testing cover letter example and the following do’s and don’ts for ideas on crafting your own outstanding cover letter.

  • Do talk about ways you could benefit the company. Especially with software testing, mentioning special areas of skill or experience may help a hiring manager decide if you are the best candidate to meet the company’s needs.
  • Don’t overemphasize your education or degrees. Most hiring managers care more about your previous experience and relevant skills.
  • Do take advantage of your cover letter to highlight additional accomplishments and give more details about important points you didn’t have room for on your resume.
  • Don’t distribute the same cover letter to every job you apply for. Tailoring your cover letter to each company can demonstrate your interest in and desire to work for that specific company.

Software Testing Advice

If you’re searching or a job that uses your software testing skills, you’ll need a cover letter that showcases your experience and abilities. The cover letter examples below can give you a great idea what your software testing cover letter should look like. Use these cover letter examples as a starting point, then update them with your own content to fit your needs. Choose from multiple design options, and begin building your cover letter now.

Cover Letter Tips for Software Testing

No matter what industry you are in or what career you are hoping to land, there are certain job search rules that will make your hunt easier. If you are browsing jobs as a Software Testing, you will want to keep the following list of job hunting tips in mind.

1. Creativity and persistence are two of the most awarded characteristics in the job market today. Show your creativity by finding unique places to look for jobs, and show your persistence by following up diligently with hiring managers.

2. Never enter into a job hunt without a plan of attack. The more you know about what your end career goal is, what steps you are going to take to get there and how to deal with the obstacles that come your way, the better prepared you will be.

3. Keep in mind that job hunts are statistically proven to be longer in this post-recession economy. Don’t get your hopes up for a quick job search, only to be disappointed when it takes longer than you thought.

4. Amp up your social media and online networking efforts, using virtual resources like online job postings and professional networking groups to get your name out there.

5. Keep abreast of current news and affairs in your industry by reading relevant publications, newsletters and blogs for your field. You may even stumble across job leads as you read.

Software Testing Job Seeking Tips

One thing that those who are seeking jobs as a Software Testing should keep in mind is that no matter what industry you are in, what career phase you are at or what position you are aiming for, your cover letter is one of your most important tools. Here are some tips for making your cover letter the best in show.

1. Optional sections that you may want to consider including in your cover letter are: certifications, travel and languages, licenses, objective statement, keyword summary and strengths.

2. While underlining tends to add unnecessary clutter to a cover letter, do feel free to use bold and italics to emphasize certain words or sections of text. However, never use more than two font types.

3. It’s not necessary to include your home or mailing address on a cover letter anymore, since identity theft incidents are on the rise.

4. Don’t let the horror stories of skewed cover letter formatting scare you off from submitting yours online. Instead, simply make sure your cover letter is available in a variety of stable electronic formats, so that you can submit it in whatever format is requested of you.

5. Job experience should be listed in the following order: job title, company name, city, state and employment dates. A company description is optional.

Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics
My University
City, State zipcode
Weekday, Month day, Year

Dr. Ed Etor, Editor
Name of Journal
Street Address
City, State zipcode

Dear Dr. Etor:

Please find enclosed a manuscript entitled: "Title" which I am submitting for exclusive consideration of publication as an article in Name of Journal.

The paper demonstrates [significant finding and its significance]. As such this paper should be of interest to a broad readership including those interested in [what kinds of research, topics, techniques - should be those targeted by the journal].

Knowledgeable referees for this paper might include:

  • Ay Dot Reviewer [what is his/her technical expertise relevant to the paper] (emailforaydot)
  • Bee Dot Reviewer [what is his/her technical expertise relevant to the paper] (emailforbeedot)
  • See Dot Reviewer [what is his/her technical expertise relevant to the paper] (emailforseedot)

Thank you for your consideration of my work! Please address all correspondence concerning this manuscript to me at My University and feel free to correspond with me by e-mail (myemailaddress).


Your Name
[list of all files attached such as manuscript, copyright form, etc.]

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