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Isu Grand Prix Assignments 2013 Chevy

The 2013–14 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final was an international figure skating competition in the 2013–14 season, held together with the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final. The combined event was the culmination of two international series — the Grand Prix of Figure Skating and the Junior Grand Prix.

The competition was held in Fukuoka, Japan from 5 to 8 December 2013, with medals awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing on the senior and junior levels.[1]




Medals table[edit]





Senior-level qualifiers[edit]

Skaters who reached the age of 14 by 1 July 2013 were eligible to compete at two senior 2013–14 Grand Prix events – including the 2013 Skate America, 2013 Skate Canada International, 2013 Cup of China, 2013 NHK Trophy, 2013 Trophée Éric Bompard, and 2013 Rostelecom Cup – where they earned points according to their results. The six highest ranking skaters in each discipline qualified for the senior Grand Prix Final.

Changes to initial lineup: Daisuke Takahashi withdrew due to a leg injury. He was replaced by countryman Nobunari Oda.[2]

Junior-level qualifiers[edit]

Skaters who reached the age of 13 by 1 July 2013 but had not turned 19 (singles and females of the other two disciplines) or 21 (male pair skaters and ice dancers) were eligible to compete at two 2013–14 ISU Junior Grand Prix events, earning points according to their results. The six highest-ranking skaters in each discipline qualified for the JGP Final.

Changes to initial lineup: Karen Chen withdrew due to an ankle injury and was replaced by fellow American Angela Wang.[3]

Senior-level results[edit]


Yuzuru Hanyu set a new world record for the short program (99.84).

The 2013–14 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating was a series of senior international figure skating competitions in the 2013–14 season. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. Skaters earned points based on their placement at each event and the top six in each discipline qualified to compete at the Grand Prix Final, held in Fukuoka, Japan.

Organized by the International Skating Union, the Grand Prix series began October 18 and continued until December 8, 2013. Skaters competed for medals, prize money, and a chance to compete in the Grand Prix Final. The series set the stage for the 2014 European, Four Continents, the World Championships, as well as the 2014 Winter Olympics and each country's national championships.

The corresponding series for junior-level skaters was the 2013–14 ISU Junior Grand Prix.


The ISU announced the following schedule of events taking place in autumn 2013:[1]

General requirements[edit]

Skaters who reached the age of 14 by July 1, 2013 were eligible to compete on the senior Grand Prix circuit. Prior to competing in a Grand Prix event, skaters were required to have earned the following scores:


The International Skating Union released the initial list of Grand Prix assignments on June 3, 2013:[1]


Max AaronSkate America, NHK Trophy
Jeremy AbbottSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Florent AmodioCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Elladj BaldeSkate Canada
Chafik Besseghier
Michal BřezinaSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Jason BrownSkate America (Added)
Patrick ChanSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Richard DornbushCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Joshua FarrisSkate Canada, Rostelecom Cup
Javier FernándezNHK Trophy, Rostelecom Cup
Artur GachinskiSkate America, Rostelecom Cup (added)
Misha GeRostelecom Cup (added)
Yan HanCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Yuzuru HanyuSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Brian Joubert
Maxim KovtunCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Takahiko KozukaSkate America, Cup of China
Peter LiebersCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Evan Lysacek
Tatsuki MachidaSkate America, Rostelecom Cup
Konstantin MenshovNHK Trophy, Rostelecom Cup (added)
Ross MinerSkate Canada,
Takahito MuraSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Alexander MajorovSkate America
Nobunari OdaSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Evgeni Plushenko
Romain Ponsart
Kevin Reynolds
Adam RipponSkate America, NHK Trophy
Andrei RogozineSkate Canada
Song NanCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Daisuke TakahashiSkate America, NHK Trophy
Denis Ten Cup of China
Sergei VoronovNHK Trophy
Wang YiCup of China


Yuna Kim,
Mao AsadaSkate America, NHK Trophy
Samantha CesarioSkate America, Trophee Bompard (added)
Christina GaoSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Bingwa GengCup of China
Elene GedevanishviliSkate America, NHK Trophy
Gracie GoldSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Lenaelle Gilleron-GorryTrophee Bompard
Nikol GosvianiCup of China (added), Rostelecom Cup (added)
Joshi HelgessonCup of China
Viktoria HelgessonSkate America, Trophee Bompard
Courtney HicksSkate Canada (added)
Haruka ImaiRostelecom Cup
Polina Korobeinikova
Carolina KostnerCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Amelie LacosteSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard (added)
Alena Leonova NHK Trophy
Li ZijunCup of China,
Yulia LipnitskayaSkate Canada, Rostelecom Cup
Veronik MalletSkate Canada
Valentina MarcheiSkate America, NHK Trophy
Mae Berenice MeiteSkate America, Trophee Bompard
Satoko MiyaharaNHK Trophy, Rostelecom Cup
Kanako MurakamiCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Mirai NagasuNHK Trophy, Rostelecom Cup
Kaetlyn Osmond
Anna PogorilayaCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Natalia PopovaSkate Canada (Added), Trophee Bompard (Added)
Elena RadionovaSkate America, NHK Trophy
Yretha SileteTrophee Bompard
Adelina SotnikovaCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Akiko SuzukiSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Elizaveta TuktamyshevaSkate America, Rostelecom Cup
Ashley WagnerSkate America, Trophee Bompard
Agnes ZawadzkiCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Caroline ZhangSkate America
Zhang KexinCup of China


Julia Antipova / Nodari MaisuradzeRostelecom Cup
Vera Bazarova / Yuri LarionovTrophee Bompard, Rostelecom Cup
Stefania Berton / Ondrej HotarekSkate America, Skate Canada
Marissa Castelli / Simon ShnapirSkate America, NHK Trophy
Lindsay Davis / Rockne BrubakerSkate Canada, Rostelecom Cup (Added)
Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseTrophee Bompard
Caydee Denney / John CoughlinSkate America, Trophee Bompard
Haven Denney / Brandon FrazierSkate Canada (Added), NHK Trophy
Meagan Duhamel / Eric RadfordSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Vanessa James / Morgan Cipres, Trophee Bompard
Yuko Kavaguti / Alexander Smirnov
Paige Lawrence / Rudi SwiegersSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Anastasia Martiusheva / Alexei RogonovCup of China, NHK Trophy (added)
Kirsten Moore-Towers / Dylan MoscovitchSkate America, Rostelecom Cup
Pang Qing / Jian TongCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Peng Cheng / Zhang HaoCup of China, NHK Trophy
Daria Popova / Bruno MassotCup of China,
Annabelle Prolss / Ruben BlommaertBompard (added)
Margaret Purdy / Michael MarinaroSkate America (Added), Skate Canada
Natasha Purich / Mervin TranTrophee Bompard
Aliona Savchenko / Robin SzolkowyCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Alexa Scimeca / Chris KnierimCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Britney Simpson / Matthew Blackmer
Ksenia Stolbova / Fedor KlimovSkate America, Rostelecom Cup
Sui Wenjing / Han CongSkate Canada, NHK Trophy
Narumi Takahashi / Ryuichi KiharaNHK Trophy, Rostelecom Cup
Mari Vartmann / Aaron Van CleaveSkate Canada
Tatiana Volosozhar / Maxim TrankovSkate America, NHK Trophy
Felicia Zhang / Nathan BartholomayCup of China

Ice dance[5][edit]

Alexandra Aldridge / Daniel EatonCup of China
Ekaterina Bobrova / Dmitri SolovievCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Pernelle Carron / Lloyd JonesSkate America, Cup of China
Anna Cappellini / Luca LanotteSkate America, NHK Trophy
Madison Chock / Evan BatesCup of China, Rostelecom Cup
Penny Coomes / Nicholas BucklandTrophee Bompard
Meryl Davis / Charlie WhiteSkate America, NHK Trophy
Piper Gilles / Paul PoirierNHK Trophy, Rostelcom Cup
Siobhan Heekin-Canedy / Dmitri DunRostelcom Cup
Elena Ilinykh / Nikita KatsalapovNHK Trophy, Trophee Bompard
Tanja Kolbe / Stefano CarusoNHK Trophy
Ksenia Monko / Kirill KhaliavinTrophee Bompard
Nicole Orford / Thomas WilliamsTrophee Bompard
Alexandra Paul / Mitchell IslamSkate Canada
Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume CizeronRostelecom Cup
Nathalie Pechalat / Fabian BourzatCup of China, Trophee Bompard
Cathy Reed / Chris ReedSkate America
Ekaterina Riazanova / Ilia TkachenkoRostelecom Cup
Maia Shibutani / Alex ShibutaniSkate America, NHK Trophy
Victoria Sinitsina / Ruslan ZhiganshinNHK Trophy
Isabella Tobias / Deividas StagniūnasSkate America
Tessa Virtue / Scott MoirSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew PojeSkate Canada, Rostelecom Cup
Yu Xiaoyang / Wang ChenCup of China
Nelli Zhiganshina / Alexander GazsiSkate Canada, Trophee Bompard
Julia Zlobina / Alexei SitnikovSkate America

Changes to preliminary assignments[edit]

Skate America

Skate Canada

Cup of China

NHK Trophy

Trophee Eric Bompard

Rostelecom Cup

Medal summary[edit]

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